Community Caring

Grant's Shop 'n Save basic values include caring, community support and local involvement. These basic values are important to us and we believe essential to the growth of our community.

We lend our support to various community groups, organizations and events throughout the year. We believe it's important to give back and are, when time permits, available to lend a helping hand.
Grant's Shop 'n Save backing is focused in the following areas:

  • Education, arts and music.
  • Non-profit charities that contribute to the health and well benefit of the local communities.
  • Youth programs and sports.
Due to the numerous requests we receive, it's important to give us plenty of time to review and process your request. As you're aware, we could never fulfill every request we receive, but please be sure to know that we will carefully review every application.

We have been in business for decades and proud of the communities we serve. Our reputation in the community speaks for itself. We could never list all of our contributions and community service over the years.

Please visit our Community Donation Request Form in the drop down link above. Thank you!